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Treasure of the East herbs/Blue Light, Inc is the US General Distributor of TianJiang Chinese Herbal Granule Extracts and is the federal registered US representative of TianJiang pharmaceutical Co, Ltd 天江药业美国总代理. All Treasure of the East herbs are exclusively made for licensed practitioners by TianJian Pharmaceutical. Founded in 1994, Treasure of the East herbs has earned a strong reputation for high quality, excellent customer service, and expertise in the field of Chinese herbology. With over 500 wholesale granule herbs available,Treasure of the East herbs provides a complete line of granule extracts for health care professionals. As the most potent and competitively priced granule herbs on the market, with the ability to dissolve in hot water while preserving the color, flavor, and aroma of a traditional herbal decoction, Treasure of the East herbs represents the new generation of granule herb extracts. 

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-5:1 Herbal Granule Extracts
-Extensive GAP
-Certified GMP
-Comprehensive Tests
-Fingerprint Identifications

Welcome New Distributors & Proprietary Brand Inquirers

TianJiang Pharmaceutical is the largest manufacturer of Chinese granule herbs globally and we are ready to be your supplier. If you are interested in becoming a new distributor of Treasure of the East herbs or if you need proprietary labeling products for your school or company by TianJiang Pharmaceutical, please feel free to contact us at