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Frequently Asked Questions

What are concentrated Chinese herbs?

Concentrated Chinese herbs are the extracts made from the water decoction of bulk herbs, concentrated at a low pressure and low temperature, and then instantly dried.

What are the most commonly used methods of administering concentrated Chinese herbs?

The most common method of administering concentrated Chinese herbs is through a decoction, (herbal granules + hot water). Other methods are capsule and pill forms. The decoction method is the most effective.

Why should I use the decoction made of concentrated Chinese herbs?

They are most effective because:
  • The decoction method has the highest percentage of active components for most herbs.
  • The herbs interact with each other better in decoction.
  • The body absorbs the herbs faster and more efficiently.
  • This method has the quickest response rate.

How can I make concentrated Chinese herbs more palatable?

Suggestions on how you can make herbs more palatable:

  • Use a small amount of water when mixing your herbs, then drink them very quickly.
  • Add a natural sweetener such as sugar or honey.
  • Add ? g of stevia extract (a natural herbal sweetener) to 100g of herbs.

How can I tell top-quality herbs from other herbs?

Conduct your own test! Add 1g of an herb to a glass of boiling water and stir. The key to determining the quality of concentrated herbs is to test their solubility. Top-quality herbs dissolve quickly (3-5 minutes) in boiling water with no particles floating on top of or in the water. They also do not settle to the bottom quickly. The herbs have a smooth taste and go down easily. It was found that the better a concentrated herb dissolves, the higher its potency is.

Bulk herbs have no quality-control standards; do concentrated herbs?

The manufacturing process has very strict quality-control for the properties, water content, solubility, concentration, harmful bacteria, fungi, and heavy metal content. Quality exceeds FDA and GMP standards. See our quality control page for more information.

What form of concentrated herbs should I choose?

Powder (granules), capsules, tablets, and pills are the common forms of concentrated herbs. Of these, the powder is the most effective. When dissolved in water it is the easiest for the body to absorb.

How is the daily dosage and treatment time determined?

Treasure of the East concentrated herbs are 5 times more concentrated than the traditional bulk herbs. Clinical dosage is not strictly 1g to 5g, since the concentrated herbs are so much stronger. Usually an adult will take 3g 3 times/day. If the symptoms are severe or the patient is in continual pain or the formula contains more than 15 single herbs, the dosage should be increased to 5g 3 times/day. Weight and age also affect dosage according to the following:

1-2 yrs. of age1/5-1/4 dose30-40 lbs20-27%
2-4 yrs. of age1/4-1/340-50 lbs27-33%
4-6 yrs. of age1/3-2/550-60 lbs33-40%
6-9 yrs. of age2/5-1/260-70 lbs40-47%
9-14 yrs. of age1/2-2/370-80 lbs47-53%
14-18 yrs. of age2/3-full80-100 lbs53-67%
18+ yrs. of agefull dosage100-120 lbs67-80%
120-150 lbs80-100%
150-200 lbs100-130%
200-250 lbs130-167%
250+ lbs167-200%
The period of treatment will vary from case to case. Powerful herbs can have side effects if taken continuously over long periods. To avoid this, treatment with strong herbs should stop as soon as symptoms are alleviated. Strong herbs can be taken intermittently. Tonic herbs may be taken in small doses for long periods of time. The following herbs should not be given in large doses nor over long intervals:
Fu Zi, Chuan Wu, Cao Wao, Wu Zhu Yu, Qian Niu Zi, Xing Ren, Ban Xia, Nian Xing, Bai Fu Zi, Tian Xian Mao, Shan Ci Gu.

When should patients take the herbs?

Usually on an empty stomach either half an hour before or one hour after a meal. Some herbs should be taken at specific times. Tonic herbs should be taken before a meal; cleansing herbs must be taken on an empty stomach; sleeping herbs should be taken at bed time. If the herbs cause heartburn or stomach upset, taking them after a meal usually alleviates the problem.

Does Chinese herbal medicine interfere with western medications?

Because Chinese herbs are natural extracts they rarely interfere with other medications, but always be careful and check first.

What will help Chinese herbs become part of American mainstream medicine?

  • Use concentrated chinese herbs: they are standardized, easy to take, and easy for patients to use.
  • Use special formulas: A characteristic of Chinese medicine is its versatility to meet the exact needs of any patient by mixing herbs to create a special formula. Special formulas also eliminate competition between doctors and the non-prescription market because only the doctor that created a special formula can prescribe it.
  • Use Treasure of the East concentrated herbs: The raw materials are harvested in their native regions in mainland China, ensuring genuine, high-quality products. The processing is supervised with strict standards, and every effort is made to ensure product quality. Treasure of the East carries a complete line of single herbs clinically proven to be effective.