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Concentrated Granule Herbs



Chinese herbal granule extracts are extracted from traditional Chinese raw herbs using modern technology. These products uphold the same principles and maintain the same characteristics as Chinese traditional decoction, i.e. flavor, property, path effectiveness, and healing power. The products that are safe, highly efficient, stable, and quality controlled. Merits of Concentrated Granules are:


  • Convenient portability

  • Convenient formulation and modification

  • Practical usage for both the practitioner and consumer

  • Standardized and quality-controlled product

  • Produced by GMP standard manufacturer and compliant to the new FDA safety regulations


Most importantly, granule extracts overcome TCM's typical issues regarding uniformity, safety, and quality control. Granule extracts meet the quality standards of both food and drugs in China. This is a tremendous improvement over traditional herbal decoction.This innovative reform of traditional Chinese herbs by Tianjiang Pharmaceutical has gained unanimous praise. The products are not only popular in China, but are also sold to over 30 countries and regions and bring benefits to millions of people across the globe.